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  • Lipedema is known for painful fat and painful legs

    Often the type of compression can cause more pain.  One of my favorite compression companies is the Marena.  Marena material is soft but thick enough it doesn't hurt like Nylon stockings does. Check out our Marena Leggingshttp://lipedemaproducts.com/products/marena-high-waisted-leggings-with-band Read more →

  • Hypermobility in the Lipedema woman
    Hypermobilty for the Lipedema Woman

    Often when talking with a Lipedema Woman you will find that they can move many of their joints in extreme positions.  Here are a few of the positions that can be done: Bending their thumb to touch their wrist Fluxing... Read more →

  • Upper Arms, Heavy, filled with fluid, hard to reach upward?

    Often we recommend compression for legs and even abdomen but Arms for the Lipedema women is sometimes ignored. Why first most arm sleeves are made for Lymphedema which is for one arm?  We need arm sleeves for the Lipedema woman. ... Read more →