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Leg Pain and Leg Heaviness

Posted on 28 January 2014

I have grown up all my life with leg heaviness and as a teenager leg pain that was mild.  As I have gotten older, my leg pain gets worse.

What do you do for Leg Pain and Leg Heaviness.  What causes these issues.

Swelling in your legs from edema compressing on nerves, fatty diseased tissue, the granular nodules in our legs can cause the pain, lack of compression can cause pain.  What we need to do is try things to see if they help with your pain.

Here is a list of items that help me:

Manual Lymphatic Drainage(feels so good to my legs).  Expensive to go all the time to the therapist though.  I use my flexi touch to help with my pain.

Movement with compression.  Compression will help with removing the lymphatic waste our of our system. Sitting all day lets the fluid become stagnant in our legs.  We need to move but not over do it.  It is all about balance.  Also movement in the pool is a great way to help your legs.

Sugar causes inflammation.  Inflammation causes pain.  I use antioxidants and they help tremendously for leg pain.

Butchers broom, Horse chestnut and Seleniump plus vitamin C, Grape Seed extract, NAC all help with my pain.


Need more ideas.  Join us on Facebook.  We have a group. Lipedema Sisters USA.  It is private and you will have to request information.

FDRS web page will be up and running soon and it will have great information for your legs to stay healthy.


Thanks for stopping by!


Hope your legs are pain free today.





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