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EZ Gloves Sale Preventing Runs in your stockings

Posted on 29 January 2014

Have you ever poked your fingers into the stockings or sleeves causing a run or a hole?  I have done this many times.  I finally bought some gloves that you use to wash dishes but they were so big and loose that I could not get a good grip to pull them up evenly.  It just became bulky and cumbersome.  Frustrated I would discard the Playtex sink gloves and just use my bare hands.  Only to snag the hose with my fingernails which would cause a dismal run in the hose and my finger nail broken.

I googled for other products and came up with EZY gloves.  I absolutely adore them.  They fit snug on my hands.  They are made to don stockings.  They are inexpensive.  Today we are having a special

4.99 for the gloves and free shipping.


Not a bad deal.  Great gloves  Save the cost on stockings.  No shipping costs and a reduced price.


Hope you enjoy your gloves!  I love mine.



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