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Lipedema in the arms

Posted on 01 February 2014

Our arms are prone to Lipedema.  It is important that we perform dry brushing, MLD, build muscles in our arms,.  Also compression for our arms.  Solidea bilateral arm sleeves are great for micromassaging .  These by far are the most comfortable sleeves.  I absolutely love them.  The material is comfortable.  They don't pinch at the bend of my arm.  They don't give the tourniquet affect by stopping at the top of the arm.  I only wish Solidea would come in a truncal top or vest.

What do you use?  Do you have lipedema in the arms? 

How do you assess your arms?  Extend your arms outward and feel the heaviness in the bat wing areas.  Does that area feel full. Compare your arms with a friends.  Can you feel the difference?  If you arm feels heavy and has the pebbles in the fat or the nodules it is possible that you have lipedema.  Is your arm painful upon touch with finger tips?  These are some of the classic signs of lipedema in upper arms.

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