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The giraffes long legs do not swell. How are they made different?

Posted on 14 February 2014

All my life I have had leg envy... I see those long shapely thin legs and I often think why couldn't I have had those type of legs. Have you seen the giraffes legs.  Did you know the pressure to get fluid back up and circulated is 250.  That is a heck of a lot of pressure so how does the  Giraffe not have swelling?  It is in their skin.  Their skin does not stretch.  Circaid made a product called Juxta Fit and that is the theory and science behind their garments.  Make a garm...ent that doesn't stretch and that applies pressure to the limb.  Most the time juxta fit is used for the more advanced lipedema stages or lipo lymphedema.  It can also be used when you have venous edema.  Many people like the Juxta Fit because they don't have to pull it on and you can shape it to the limb due to Velcro closures.  They are made out of neoprene.  They last for a long time  They are not pretty at all.  They are pricier than other garments....As I have gotten older I have learned not to have leg envy but to except my legs and take care of them.  Now its about how to keep them healthy and stronger.  Anyone here tried Juxta Fit?  What do you wear?

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