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Compression gradient or not

Posted on 01 October 2014

BodiPerfect, Solidea and BioFlect are not graded compression. Meaning stronger on the ankle and lighter compression on the thigh. They are micro massaging compression. It provides light static compression that massages the skin with movement. This helps open the initial lymphatics right under the skin. Opening them up with movement increases the overall amount of fluid the lymphatic system can handle. But here is a theory. It is called the LaPlace Law Theory. The wider the circumference the less compression. So if you put on a garment that supposedly is the same compression all over then the wider the circumference the less compression. In Theory, all products Solidea, BodiPerfect, BioFlect, even post operative then become gradient. Why? Because the ankle is smaller than the thigh. But there is a few weaknesses in this theory. What if the garment is so tight that it cuts off the circulation on the thigh. Then the theory LaPlace goes out the door. That's because you are putting on something smaller for you than you should be putting on. What if, the person has an irregular limb. For instance a big fat pad under the knee, then at the knee a big indent inwardly.. And then another hump. Maybe shaped like a camel back. What happens to LaPlace. Then you have more compression, less compression More compression. In essence you have maybe caused some swelling in places you didn't mean to. It is no longer gradient compression. For many custom is the way to go. It is not just pick out a pair of hose and see if they fit. You must always look at the shape of the leg, and consider many factors. Lipo Lymphedema, staging, donning abilities, mobility, pain, etc... I hope the compression education was helpful!

Lipedema Legs need to find compression that works for them.  If you need help with compression please contact me via email.


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