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Clearance Sleevey Wonder Sleeves

HALF OFF ON MOST  We have too much inventory.  None are worn.  All are brand new. Some are out of the box and were for display at conferences.  

Support your upper arm

Hide the batwings

Plus sizes

Expand Your Wardrobe With Women's Under Sleeves

Transform your outfit into something amazing. Created by Ruthann Greenblat, Sleevey Wonders features patented, reversible slip-on sleeves that are made to wear under sleeveless tops and strapless dresses as a creative solution for women who don't love the look of the bare arm dangle. We offer under sleeves in a variety of different styles to pair perfectly with any top or dress. From long sleeved mesh, to 3/4 sleeve jersey, you can find a style to perfectly match your fashionable choices.

Improve Your Look And Style With Patented, Fashionable Women's Under Sleeves From Sleev


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