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Jobst Relax Custom Nighttime Sleeves

$600.00 USD


Redefining Lipedema and Lymphedema Night Care

JOBST® Relax is an innovative, new product designed to complement daytime compression garments and offers an alternative to nighttime compression solutions, such as compression bandages. Night care is an often neglected, but critical, part of lymphedema management, and JOBST® Relax was specifically designed to address patients’ complaints with current nighttime garments. JOBST® Relax provides the edema control patients need, combined with the look and comfort that patients want. JOBST® Relax is intended for mild to moderate lymphedema patients in the maintenance phase who are looking for a garment that will better suit their lifestyle. It is ideal for those who need containment, combined with comfort and style. JOBST® Relax features include:

  • Advanced knitting techniques and COOLMax® yarns to create a cool, breathable garment
  • Unique spacer fabric construction is lightweight, breathable, and flexible
  • Slim-line, flexible, and lightweight design allows for freedom of movement without restriction
  • Precise fit that only a custom-made garment can offer
  • Luxurious texture, technologically-advanced materials, and a modern look.