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Pannus support

Abdominal Pannus Support  The pannus ( panniculous) is  abdominal pannus is the area of excess skin and fat that hangs over the pubic region .  There is different stages.  Please see our stage chart for more information.  Because there is different stages we have created different types of support.  There is five stages or grades.

  • Grade 1 panniculus will just cover the pubic hair line, up to the mons pubis
  • Grade 2 fully covers the genitals
  • Grade 3 extends enough to cover the upper thigh
  • Grade 4 reaches down to the mid-thigh
  • Grade 5 covers the knees or even lower

At present our support goals are to lift the pannus and provide compression to the pannus.  All supports are custom for now.  A measurement form will need to be filled out.  And a medical person such as a therapist nurse, physician will need to do the referring and the measurments. 

Types of supports/lifters.

The Pannus Support Junior

Comes with  2 panels, for the front and the back side. These panels attach.  They have adjusters to tighten and a small lifter on the front inside panel . The panels are made made of short stretch, velcro elastic , mesh and cotton knit .

The Pannus Support  Maxi, grande, fierce, rigorous, senior, fiesty, stout, robust, bold,

This support is for the stage 4 sometimes three dependent on how heavy the pannus is.

This support has more bells and whistles. It has several d rings, stays , and adjusters.

Optional foam pad to insert in the pocket lining of the inside to increase compression.


The Pannus Onesie.  Slips on easily, Great for bed ridden, hospitilzied, and chair ridden.




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