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Bioflect Anti Cellulite Arm Sleeves

$19.00 USD


Say good bye to flabby arms! Compression slimming arm sleeves knit with proprietary raised 3 D weft knit massages & tones stubborn under arm fat and battles saggy underarms, by activating the microcirculation, helping to reduce inflammation, bloating and localized fat. Seamless, zipperless design makes it easy to position the sleeves in the desired location. Made with silver ions, this bacteriostatic fabric inhibits bacteria and odor formation, making it ideal for everyday use, even for sport. 

2 Sleeves Per Pack

Caring for Arm Sleeves

Product Care

How do I care for a garment and how long will it last?
Bioflect® FIR Therapy garments should be replaced in approximately three to six months depending on wear and washing. For best results, hand wash with mild detergent and lay flat to dry. Garments are machine washable, but we encourage delicate cycle for maximum durability. Do not use softener. Do not dry clean them. It is not necessary to wash your products daily as the bacteriostatic properties of the fiber prevent bacteria from proliferating and impede the onset of bad odors. Following the washing instructions will ensure long life and wear from your products. Remember that the far infrared fiber will continue to perform throughout the life of the products unaffected by use or washing.

Is there a limit to how much I should wash my Bioflect® Therapy garments?
Although it is not necessary to wash your products daily, you can wash them as often as you want. The far infrared fiber won't be affected by washing. The therapeutic crystal mineral additives are a permanent part of the DNA of the fiber, and are everlasting.