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For many years, professionals looked a lipedema as a weight problem.  They advised patients to eat less and exercise more, making comments
such as, "Oh, you have such a beautiful face..., if only you could lose weight;" or "You are so smart..., if only you could lose weight".

It's time to embrace our bodies, accept who we are, and educate those who don't understand!  I started this shop because I wanted to find things that related to my disease...things like compression garments, vitamins to help me be at my best and healthiest all the time, and even art.  I knew if I wanted these things, other women would also want them.  I wanted to shout to world..."Stop ignoring me.  Stop making excuses for me.  I can and I will be beautiful."    

As my involvement with a support group came about and my acceptance of myself evolved, I saw the need to have a shop that addressed all of our needs.  So Lipedema Products was born.  I will continue my search for products that will enhance our beauty, while providing comfort for our bodies, that will improve our nutrition so that we can more readily fight inflammation, and that will make us laugh about

I have been a registered nurse for 25 years, a Certified Lymphedema Therapist for eight years, and a business owner for five years.  My physical location is  in Arizona along side Dr. Karen Herbst...., You can make appointments with me at her clinic 630 South Craycroft, Tucson, Arizona

Endorsed by:

1) Dr. Karen Herbst Md

2) Dr. Marcia Byrd Md ( Roswell Ga) Lipedema Liposuction Center

3) Dr. David Amron Md  Advanced Lipedema Treatment Center

4) Fat Disorders Research Society ( FDRS)

5) Lipedema Foundation and Felicitie Daftour

6) Talk Lipoedema ( Uk)

7) Lipedema Australia society ( Lass)

Participate with:

1) Fat disorders Research Society 

2) Work closely with Bioflect to improve their Garment for the Lipedema Population

3)  Started a donation, pay it forward  program for compression

4) Volunteer in The TREAT Program

 As one of my customers, if you see a product that you think will be helpful or if you have used a product and want it online to help others, please

email me at info@lipedemaproducts.com,    Telephone: 801-935-5483

Blessings and Be Well!