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BiaCare Chip Sleeve Thigh High

$472.00 USD

Length and Side

The BiaCare ChipSleeve Thigh High can be used as a bandage liner or as a compression garment when paired with the included OverSleeve. This product works well for patients needing a full leg night time garment.

The ChipSleeve™ - Thigh High provides custom-like compression with it’s conforming design and materials that ensure a proper, comfortable fit. The open cell chipped foam, lined in a channel formation, massages fibrotic tissue and facilitates drainage of interstitial fluid

Featuring open cell, chipped foam in channel formation, the ChipSleeve™  from BiaCare was designed to provide massaging effect on superficial lymphatics, helping to soften fibrotic areas. The built-in directional channels facilitate efficient drainage and movement of lymph fluid. The latex-free moisture wicking, anti-odor, soil release fabric of the ChipSleeve™ -  has unique stretch characteristics to provide "custom-like" form fitting, dry comfort. Indicated for use to help manage edema, Lymphedema, post-operative swelling and mild fibrosis.

The ChipSleeve™ - THigh High maybe be used as a liner under compression bandages while the OverSleeve™ (included) provides 15-25mm Hg gradient compression from the toes to the knee. May also be worn as a night wear garment.

Product Features

  • Provides mild gradient compression from toes to the knee
  • May be worn day or night
  • Includes one pair of cotton liners
  • Latex free
  • Provides up to 15 to 25 mmHg gradient compression when worn with the OverSleeve™ (included) Specify desired OverSleeve™