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  • EdemaWear® Leg and Arm Stockinets - Lipedema Products
  • EdemaWear® Leg and Arm Stockinets - Lipedema Products

Compression Dynamics

EdemaWear® Leg and Arm Stockinets

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Most styles temporarily out of stock.  We have 1 small pair available.  and 1  Large size stockinette available.  Xl is still in stock with just a few left.  Medium   out of stock. The factory is having covid issues and having staffing issues.
EdemaWear® is a stockinettes utilizing a new textile technology, Longitudinal Yarn Compression (LYC). In clinical trials, LYC appears to be superior to existing compression products. LYC textile has a fuzzy nexus with the skin that allows for yarn focused compression of the subcutaneous fat and healing of the skin. 
Small - Fits up to a 18" circumference and a 22" length, includes one pair (2) of stockinettes.
Medium - Fits up to a 30" circumference and a 34" length, *Sold individually".
Mediums may be cut to fit for below knee use. It will not unravel.
Large - Fits up to a 46" circumference and a 24" length, *Sold individually".
X-Large- Fits up to a 60" circumference and 24" length "Sold Individually"--X-Large can fit the body torso also