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Jade Gua Sha Tool Scraping Massage Tool

$15.00 USD


  • It is made of high quality jade, long lasting, and super easy to clean. Static free
  • Ultra smooth surface will never hurt your skin£¬easing heart effect
  • Beautiful design been used over 2000+ years
  • Works great on neck, face, back, arms and feet.
  • Feel the lippy nodule when using this tool.  Help decrease the fibrosis and inflammation.  Reccommended by Dr. Karen Herbst.
  • Gua sha increases surface microperfusion

    Gua sha produces transitory therapeutic petechiae that represent extravasation of blood in the subcutis. Using laser Doppler imaging, we scanned 11 ‘healthy’ (but stressed) subjects (doctors and nurses who worked at the Kliniken Essen) who had ‘normal’ myalgia pain and evidence of ‘sha’ based on palpation. We established a baseline scan for each subject before gua sha, and then scanned each subject 10 times, once every 2.5 minutes following gua sha, and then performed a follow up scan 2 days later.

    We found a 400% increase in microperfusion (surface circulation of blood) for 7.5 minutes following gua sha, and a significant increase for the full 25 minutes following treatment that was studied. Scans returned to baseline at the 2-day point. Every subject experienced a decrease or complete resolution in pain and a sense   ( from Pacific college of oriental medicine.)