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  • Juzo Silver Thigh Highs - Lipedema Products
  • Juzo Silver Thigh Highs - Lipedema Products


Juzo Silver Thigh Highs

$104.39 USD


Juzo Silver compression garments have the following benefits: (1) anti-microbial - silver inhibits the growth of infectious microbes; (2) anti-odor - silver ions bind with denatured protein and ammonia reducing unpleasant odors; (3) anti-static - silver has the highest electrical conductivity rating of any element, thus dissipating electrical charges and eliminating static cling; (4) surface cooling - silver is the most thermally conductive element, dissipating excess heat away from the garment and the body; (5) all natural - silver is safe, natural and non toxic; (6) permanent - silver is permanently bonded to the surface of the textile fiber. It will never wash out or wear off.

Juzo Silver graduated compression garments are manufactured to be accurate and consistent within the designated compression range, meeting the highest standards in the industry. Juzo Silver compression garments reduce the risk of skin infections which are common with lymphedema. They also aid in the treatment of venous stasis ulcers and other skin wounds by assisting circulation, impeding the growth o